Entrepreneurship Seminar by May CHOW (Little Bao)

30 Jan, 2024

Ms. May CHOW, chef and owner of Little Bao and Happy Paradise, who was named Asia's Best Female Chef in 2017 by Asia's 50 Best Restaurants. The seminar centred around the topics of cultivating an entrepreneurial and innovation mindset, the significance of resilience in the face of adversity, and the importance of human connections.  

During the seminar, Ms. CHOW shared the challenges she encountered amid the COVID-19 pandemic, a period that necessitated the downsizing of her business from four branches to two. Despite these adversities, she emphasised the significance of sustaining a positive perspective. Her entrepreneurial tenacity served as an inspiration to the audience, as she said, “You never win if you are just looking around. Taking actions and asking questions are crucial.” This mindset, she suggested, is not only instrumental in surmounting the fear of failure but also forms the bedrock of nurturing an entrepreneurial spirit.

Regarding innovation, Ms. CHOW discussed how Little Bao has been innovating their menu and service to attract customers and create a unique dining experience. Ms. CHOW shared, she invited musicians to perform at her restaurants, experimented with seasoning ingredients (such as using different kinds of shrimps to make shrimp dumplings), and actively collaborated with her colleagues. She added that while technology is important, AI cannot replace the love and human relationships that are integral in the F&B industry.

Concluding the seminar, Ms. CHOW imparted valuable advice to students, urging them to embrace passion, practice and adapt their mindset, foster effective communication skills, and endeavour to lead more purposeful lives. Additionally, she underscored the significance of nurturing meaningful relationships within the business realm.