Entrepreneurship Seminar by Dennis HAU (The Hong Kong Jockey Club)

20 Feb, 2024

Mr. Dennis HAU (Executive Director, Customer Strategy, Insights, and Innovation, The Hong Kong Jockey Club) drew upon his extensive management and business development experience at Tencent, illuminated the challenges and opportunities he encountered when managing Tencent Music and expanding WeChat into international markets. He also underscored the significance of AI machine learning advancements in shaping various successful business models on the horizons. 

The seminar then shifted its focus to innovation in customer centricity at HKJC. Mr. HAU highlighted the emergence of generative AI chatbot technology, which supersedes traditional UI/UX approaches in the customer ecosystem. He offered his perspective on the innovation, urging students to pinpoint the biggest pain points and market needs, with the ultimate goal of leveraging technology to devise superior, customer centric solutions.

Concluding the seminar, Prof. Howard LING (Moderator, Associate Director of the EIC) encouraged students to draw inspiration from Mr. HAU’s innovative and problem-solving mindset in the realm of entrepreneurship. Meanwhile, Mr. HAU shared his insights on funding strategies in the entrepreneurial landscape, offering the audience with a practical blueprint for their future business endeavours.