Entrepreneurship and Innovation Centre

About EIC

About EIC

Entrepreneurship is much more than the creation of a new business start‐up.
It is a mindset – a way of thinking, and doing. It is about new approaches to solve problems, to create value; and it makes managers and leaders future‐compatible.

Established in September 2016, the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Centre (EIC) aims at supporting the School’s entrepreneurship education. EIC offers seminars, workshops and related activities to encourage, cultivate, and nurture the entrepreneurial culture and atmosphere among students.
Vision & Mission

The Entrepreneurship and Innovation Centre’s vision is to foster, inspire, motivate, and enable entrepreneurial leaders at HKBU, who can recognize opportunities, solve complex problems, and lead positive social change in the GBA region and beyond.

We add value by encompassing the entire entrepreneurial journey, from developing and strengthening of the growth mindset, through empowerment of our Students and Faculty to pursue entrepreneurial activities and research, to connecting them to the relevant ecosystem actors in pursuit of new opportunities. We connect world-class entrepreneurship research with teaching excellence for tangible impact on the economic development.

Our mission is to support the entrepreneurial talent development within HKBU, to strengthen the role of the School of Business within the Greater Bay Area’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, and to develop, share, and impact entrepreneurial thought leadership in the GBA region.

1. To provide tools, knowledge, experience, and mentoring for developing entrepreneurial mindset among HKBU Students and Faculty.

2. To be an integral part of the School’s entrepreneurship education and a platform supporting Students and Faculty Members in their entrepreneurial activities.

3. To play a key role in promoting and developing entrepreneurship activities for BBA Students majoring in EBI and all-university Students taking Concentration’s minors and transdisciplinary degrees.

4. To develop, maintain, and leverage a strong ecosystem of Entrepreneurship Centres, accelerators, mentors, and investors for Our Students and Faculty in pursuing their entrepreneurial activities.

5. To support Our Faculty in developing impact cases in the area of entrepreneurship.